Friday, August 26th, 2016

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Pet Damage

Pet Damage Repair

My wife and I have 9 cats, and we foster for BARCS so we know better than most what pets can do to the carpet. Although, our pets are members of the family we still have to remember they are animals, and can create open seams, wrinkles, bald spots and other damage. No longer do you have to try and hide or cover up those unsightly spots. The Baltimore Carpet Repair & Cleaning pros have seen it all and have techniques to fix it , no matter the problem.

Carpet Ripples

Carpet Stretching

Poor installation and higher than normal temperatures are the two most common causes for carpet ripples. Leaving your home's temperature above 85 degrees may cause ripples. These ripples are unsightly and cause tripping hazards. Baltimore Carpet Repair technicians are able to restretch your carpet back to its former glory. When you’re ready to have those ripples flattened give us a call. We are carpet stretching experts!

Burn Marks

Carpet Burn Repair

Carpet burns are caused by a variety of reasons. Cigarette burns, iron burns and heaters are the usual culprits. Regardless of how they got there our professionals can make them disappear. Replacing carpet can be very expensive so don’t replace it ... Repair it! Call Baltimore Carpet Repair & Cleaning today for a FREE estimate!


Discolorations & Red Stains

The average house with pets, kids or both will know about carpet stains all too well. Many of our customers are surprised at how many stains can be repaired. We have repaired stains from dye, food, drinks and even paint! Before you think they can’t be fixed call the pros at Baltimore Carpet Repair. & Cleaning

Seam Repair

Seam Repair

Almost every carpeted area of your home will have a seam. It's not until those seams become loose that they become noticeable. It could be something simple like a fray or a bigger problem such as a lift. Whatever the case may be Baltimore Carpet Repair & Cleaning can handle it.

Bleached Spots

Bleached Carpet Repair

Bleach stains are so common in today’s world, that it is almost impossible to discover a home without one. Most people believe that these stains cannot be repaired; Baltimore Carpet Repair & Cleaning is the answer you have been searching for!

Water Damage

Water Damage

Large quantities of water can cause major damage to your flooring, however this problem is much more common than you may realize. Flood damage can be caused by any number of events such as leaking water heaters or dripping ceilings. Water creates a few major issues such as: Loosening tack strips, separated glue and worst of all mold formation. If you are currently experiencing water damaged carpet please do not wait to contact Baltimore Carpet Repair & Cleaning for help.

Berber Snags

Berber Snags

Our typical customer will have Berber snags from accidents caused by vacuuming, moving furniture, or possibly caused by your household pet! The Professionals here at Baltimore Carpet Repair & Cleaning have the tools and experience needed to repair those snags and get your carpet back to looking new.

Commercial Glue-down

Carpet Patch

Customers usually will call them "patches"; the correct phrase used in the industry however is "permanent section". We use donor carpet to seamlessly attach a new piece to your damaged area. Usually customers will have extra carpet stored in the garage or attic. These sections are great donor sections because they match perfectly. If you do not have any remnant pieces laying around we can offer other solutions that work just as well. Using a Technician that is experienced will make all the difference in the world. Call Baltimore Carpet Repair & Cleaning today for a FREE phone estimate!

Carpet Transition

Carpet To Tile or Wood Floor

Over time those transitions from your carpet to tile or wood flooring can become frayed or seperated. Our carpet repair specialists here at Baltimore Carpet Repair can restretch your carpet and install a new tack strip to give it that brand new look and feel. Call us today.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Baltimore Carpet Repair & Cleaning will always use a certified Technician with years of experience and one that uses the most powerful truck-mounted Green Cleaning system in the world called the Vortex. The Vortex system boasts the fastest dry time in the industry which will help prevent dirt collection immediately after it is cleaned. Maybe it's not your carpet that needs cleaning? We also clean Upholstery, Tile and Grout!